Confessions of Cyber Envy

biting laptop

I browse through facebook and see officemates in their LaBoracay adventure.  I was on staycation, enjoying the water with my laundry.

A friend’s engagement photo has gathered likes on her Instagram while I take a break off from work.  I was having an intimate date with my coffee.

An acquaintance tweets about his newly bought car while I’m stranded in the MRT.  Good for him, he can now test his patience treading the traffic.

I watched YouTube videos of inspiring females younger than my age.  It made me start to wonder what happened to the video clips I took months ago.  Never posted them because of my scraggly hair.

I saw photos of the ex on my newsfeed.  He was with girls so I blocked him again.

I’ve been staring blankly at my blog without any inspiration to write a post since December.  Except for tonight. I got to do something about my cyber envy.

Dear Cyber envy, I want to attack you with a punch!  Thanks to Pacquiao I won’t just run around the ring.

It’s unfair, how you made me feel this way.  I do not have a clear picture of your reality yet I’m envious of the moments you have captured and shared in social media.

I missed the fact that the new IPhone6 plus she posted was a replica. And his overseas vacation gave him a credit card debt. Wow. I was fooled.

You have been working during this time when I’m pushed back to wait.   There’s payback time, you’ll see!

You almost made me forgot about my happy selfies, of me when I was sexier, of days when I was out of town with my family, nights I was enjoying with my friends.

To evade you, I had to stop watching other people’s lives.  It was good because I discovered new books instead.

You got me trapped in a routine of changing blocks to unblock.  But I eventually got tired of getting disconnected. It’s just impossible to stay offline forever.


Tonight I acknowledge that you exist. And the only response your posts needs from me is to like, unlike or ignore.

This makes it easier for me.

Thanks for reminding me that I have a choice.


*P.S. Don’t worry it hasn’t come to a point when I’ve bitten my laptop. I’m a tech friendly person.


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