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Whatever You Do

I could have been
a writer, a musician..
a chef, a painter..
a model, a photographer..
an actress, a dancer..
a foreign language teacher..
a fitness trainer..
a tour guide..

the artist in me just wants to DO A LOT.

I realized sometimes we focus more on
what we could do than who we could have been.

These are two different things.

I don’t want to be defined by what I do, I want people to remember me for who I am.


Last night, I asked the Lord about what he is preparing me to do in the next months and years.  I have my own goals, own timeline, but I just get frustrated since what I want isn’t happening at the phase I want.  That’s when the thoughts of “I could have been” bugged my mind.

I was even questioning my past decisions, the career path I took, and where I am today.

I know being anxious is getting me nowhere. I cannot change what already transpired. The least I can do is get relief through seeking direction about the future.

The answer I got in prayer wasn’t what I expected.  I sought the scriptures and was encouraged to look within, and put more importance on who I am, than what I do.  The phrase WHATEVER YOU DO from Colossians 3:23 still echoes in my mind, and reminds me that my character matters more than my job.

“Your attitude is more important than your skills. Work on it more. It opens to a world of opportunities.” The quote from my favorite motivational speaker Francis Kong agrees with the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, we spend 8 hours a day and more than 40 hours a week for our jobs hence we should really consider our occupation to be something we enjoy doing and utilize our skills. Our work should also be seen as a means to achieve a greater purpose, it is not the end-goal.


We just all want to be successful, don’t we?  And we also have different definitions of success.  I’m still in the process of defining mine.  Don’t expect our points of view to be the same.  I will create my own definition, or else I will be swayed by how other people sees it to be.

At this point, pursuing success is tiring.  Instead of something to aim for, I’d like to look at it as a result that will follow me if I keep a heart of service and gratitude.  And yeah, I’ve been working hard but need to change to working smart soon (now searching google on tips to work smart)

Yes, I can still pursue my game plan and sail towards WHATEVER PATH I want.  I’ll do it with a more relaxed attitude this time.  In the end, this journey isn’t just about our personal happiness. I believe we are called for more.

whatever you do


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