Dating Tips: Trick Him or Treat Her Right

How do you impress someone in 5 minutes and make him or her ask you out on a date?

It’s a mystery how a new person you meet can get your attention and move you out of your comfort zone. Not everyone would find courage to ask for a phone number, or a name, or engage in a small talk .  I used to be one of them.  But the good news is, learning the “confidence trick” when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex is is a matter of practice.

I’ve attended some speed dating events in the past and I regard it as an avenue to master the “confidence trick” I’m talking about.  If you’re going to one soon, or want to talk to that hottie you always see at the hallway of your school or office, I have  two advice to make things easier for you.

Learn the Basic Tricks (a.k.a Tips)

Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation.  A simple compliment about his or her feature (nice smile, resemblance to a celebrity etc) will break the ice. This can be followed by a short engaging chat especially if the other person is responsive.  Ladies, I think we can do this one.  Don’t expect the guys to always greet you first.

When asked how you are, don’t answer with the cold and usual “I’m fine.”  Say something that could leave a hint of mystery, and would prompt a smile, make him wonder or even make a follow up question.  Dropping a compliment would also be nice.

Okay okay.. I’m writing down a sample scenario.

Assume that you took the same elevator in your condo and the confident young hunk or lady you ‘re crushing on initiated with a simple “Hi and how are you?”.   Instead of just saying, “Fine, how about you”, at least answer back with “I feel awesome.  I’m excited to cook a new recipe I learned on the internet.”  This reply left an impression about you (that you must be great with food); and would be curious to ask back.  This would start some exchange of words.  And if the conversation would turn out great, it may even lead to you inviting her for dinner some time. 😉

Treat Him or Her Right

I have a simple definition to this “treat someone right” rule.  It happens when the other person would have a happy, positive feeling before you leave his or her company.  And that moment doesn’t have to be long or require a grand effort.  A 5-minute interaction can make someone feel amazing and important.

Remember when a security guard greets you with a warm smile when you pass by.. or when your boss would give you a pat on your back after doing your job well?  Those are simple acts that make us feel acknowledged. And you can do that more often, not just with someone you’re trying to date.

I believe we all have a capacity to make someone feel good especially if we make ourselves more open to give and receive.  We give, when we think of the other person’s welfare.  And we receive, when we accept gratitude and kind gestures from others.

Well, if you’re game for a TRICK OR TREAT (Dating) ADVENTURE, I have an event here that might interest you:

Mystery Affair Telu Events

Let me know how your social experiment (others call it flirting) goes.  I hope you’d let your personality shine and notice someone out there who’s into you >> (uhm, this calls for another post).. hehe

Cheers!! XOXO


P.S. I’m single and still learning my path to dating. Things aren’t perfect but I’m having fun while at it.  Just bring out your best attitude.  😉


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