Creative Christmas Party Ideas

Some of you may think that going straight to the celebration and skipping the preparations is cool (which I don’t mind as well) but Christmas parties can be more fun when you have moments to express your creativity by getting ready.

This year, I pledged to set aside some time prepare for the parties I go to.  That means buying gifts, choosing attires and so on.  But I also see to it that everything is stress-free so I still have energy to participate and enjoy the program.

ff merry christmas


In our workplace, I won second place for our annual Christmas ball contest.  It was the first time I joined this activity. I considered this before as a work related effort which I did not want to spend time on.  I had fun, and the extra hours paid off.

It just took me two hours to conceptualize, purchase materials and create my Christmas ball and I’m glad I made it in time for submission.  My idea was to write down my hopes for our company around the ball, and embellish it with silver petals (cut from a tree decor) and a handmade colored rope.

Designing Christmas balls can be an assignment you can give your friends or family members before your get together. You can think of a theme to make it more exciting or relevant to the participants (Star Wars themed maybe). If you have children attending your party, you can have an arts and craft corner where they can be kept busy while adults are in the program,too.


I also won as best dressed female of the night in my Princess Elsa attire during our masquerade ball themed party. Some of my colleagues asked if I bought my attire just for the occasion.  No, I wore this hair and make-up for a cosplay event last year. And since my Elsa gown with cape couldn’t fit me (Im now back to my workout routine because of this), I used this long dress I wore from a recent wedding.

Mix and match your previous outfits, play with your hair and make-up. I’m sure you’ll have your Christmas party look while saving budget to buy small gifts you can give to people dear to you.

christmas gifts

Speaking of presents, I really enjoyed choosing and wrapping gifts this year.  Christmas is a once a year occasion when I can practice my generosity and creativity. I always look forward to exchanging gifts especially with the family.

I prefer buying plain cellophane or metallic paper to wrap presents because the price here in Manila is cheaper. If there are left over ones, I could use them for other occasions such as birthdays and weddings, too. My  mom bough this bundle of blue gift wrapper so I used it for most items to save the gold one with me for future events.

Avail of free gift wrapping service available in some stores; or purchase items that comes with a good packaging bag. This will also make it more convenient for last minute gift shoppers.

Another way to be creative is to prepare a meal for sharing at your Christmas dinner. Each member of our family listed down ingredients for the dish we want to prepare before Christmas eve. I volunteered for shanghai rolls and lettuce wraps (no photo here yet, I still need to cook).


How are your Christmas parties going? Share with me some ways you’re putting some creative magic in it.


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