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Ready to Receive


I filled my memory jar with joyful experiences from 2015. These made me smile and grateful as I reflect on this year’s accomplishments .  However,  the memories I wrote down had only little to do with turning me into a better person.   The things I am inclined to forget are the ones which changed me.

Who would want to remember pain, loneliness,  anger, fear or sorrow? With the social media’s influence to boast about having a vibrant lifestyle,  we sometimes miss valuable lessons we can pick up from the ugly stage of  our life wanting to get back into action right away.

I was led by 2015 to discover the darkness in me –  my traits which only the grace of the Lord can heal.  There are times I couldn’t put up with myself –  how emotional,  impatient,  selfish and weak I am.  These were moments when  I had to be still and just receive mercy.

I’d like to forget the nights I cry about my failures and struggle over my weaknesses.  I don’t even want to spill out details here on the blog.  But the value of fortitude,  courage and faith I learned from this winter season has been ingrained in me as I go on with life.

I’m sure there are memories from 2015 that you like to leave behind.  Don’t forget to gain  the lessons you acquired from it before you let go.


2015 closes and a new chapter of our lives begins.   Turning the pages isn’t easy –  leaving people,  habits  and  memories behind.  But the new year brings us a chance to be the best versions of ourselves and this is worth the sacrifice of moving forward.

Moving forward is a sacrifice in a sense that you’re  trading your comfort with the unknown future in the hope of something better. For a moment,  you will feel sadness,  anxiety and the frustration that comes with letting go.

But thinking of your learning from the past,  there has to be a point when you’ll decide to live these lessons. Stand firm with the truth that something has got to change,  and it starts with you.

Go and take one step at a time until you realize you are already running towards your dream,  towards embracing who you really are.  When we are drawn back to our core,  that’s where we start to rebuild the better version  of ourselves.


In my journey towards 2016, I will still collect happy memories. I’m in a good position  to receive blessings and answered prayers.  Trials and tests may come (that’s life),  but I’m also ready to receive God’s grace,  mercy and provisions for that.

When we seek to have a thankful and open heart willing to receive instructions,  guidance and direction from the Lord,  our next 365 days should turn out amazing.

Happy New Year.



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