The Trade

“What do you offer?”

“What will you invest to achieve your dream? ”

” How much work will you put to get this thing?”

Life is one big marketplace, and the most valuable commodity you should look after is you. 

I have postponed time for goal setting in my business and personal life as the year opened.  Things to acquire,  places to be,  and experiences to have wouldn’t spark any excitement at this point.  My only concern at the moment is who I want to become.

I’ve read a new year article this morning which gave me an impression that goals come first,  then we match it with the resources we need to accomplish the target.  Networks,  time,  effort and self are your means to achieve.  And if there is a gap between your BIG DREAMS and where you are,  discipline is required to get there.  Make your steps proportionate with what you want to happen and your daily action aligned with your plan.

Damn.  I’m starting to hate it when we approach life in a businesslike way. 

I’d like to believe that we aren’t merely a means to an end.


“At your age,  are you still not sure of what you want to do with your life. ” A 23-year old colleague asked me after I spoke of having many options in the career path I’ll take this coming year.

” I want to do many things.  I can be doing anything.  I’m more concerned with who I am,  than the job I’ll do. ”

I know that the work I’ll do,  whatever that is, needs a rejuvenated person (myself) and it can wait.  I looked at the caliber of my saw which needed sharpening,  the flickering passion in my heart which needed reigniting,  and the smile on my face which only shows itself when with the things she loves. This girl needs some time.

I have to trade my dreams for myself.  Let it be gone for  while.I began the year with hopes, but nothing fixed on paper nor laid down as a plan. I’ll do so when I’ve regained my purpose. I am a fan of dreams,  and goals only if these are built around purpose.

All dreams involve a climb and will take energy and time out of you.  So the dream should be worth it. But when you have achieved what you want and reached that moment you desired to have,  keep in mind it will soon be gone. You will return to chasing another dream.  And then you will be left with yourself.

We will be left with ourselves, but stronger,  skilled and with depth of experience and character.  So of course,  I will dream again because of these benefits .

It’s just that the fall from my past climb still hurts. It seems I went to the wrong mountain and I’m the only one who knows.


On the top floor of a building,I faced my questions  looking down the ghostlike business district where the traders are on vacation.

What do you offer?

“I won’t boast of what I can offer.  I don’t have so much now. But I’m here to trade.  Take the old me. ”

What will you invest to achieve your dream?

” All my dreams.  Take it.  Here.  Give me a new one. ”

How much work will you put to get this thing?

” I’ll rest.  You know that won’t be easy for me. ”



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