Landmark Foodcourt Makati: Mr. Kimbob

Working for almost four years in the business district, I’ve tried many ways to budget on food for lunch or dinner.  Landmark Foodcourt Makati has been one of my stops after buying my groceries in their supermarket. I usually look for variety in what I eat, and vegetable side dish is a must so I’m happy that Landmark Foodcourt has Mr. Kimbob.

Dining at Mr. Kimbob is both healthy and budget friendly. They’re the number one quick korean service restaurant in the Philippines. As of December 2015 they already have 36 branches in the country, making our korean cravings more accessible.

Offering staple korean dishes with prices all below P100 makes it easy to decide where to eat when I first tried Mr. Kimbob at Landmark Foodcourt Makati. My Bibimbob order (Mr. Kimbob’s signature dish)  was only Php99, and whenever I have a large appetite I can add only Php 49 for japchae, 1 dumpling and 12oz coca-cola.

IMG_9940Bibimbob: filling korean dish – chicken, beef or pork rice topping with mixed vegetables


Menu source: Mr. Kimbob website

Aside from Mr. Kimbob’s signature dish, other branches also offer Bulgogi Japche Dubbab (Php99), Kimchi Beef Fried rice (Php99), Ramen (Php79) and others.

My ratings:

Food Taste: 4.5. Service: 4. Ambiance: 3.5. Value for Money: 5

Landmark foodcourt Makati can be crowded especially during lunch and dinner. If you’re going out on a date, you’ll have to skip having a good conversation. But if you’re really tired and hungry from work plus you want to dig into Korean food while on a budget, I highly recommend going to Mr. Kimbob.



1 thought on “Landmark Foodcourt Makati: Mr. Kimbob

  1. That’s so good!!! Is it Bimbimbap?
    I have some korean food recipes.. you can try it if you want 🙂

    Please visit and follow my Instagram (lazymom_cooking) and my blog ( for recipe ideas 🙂

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