Life by the beach.

If I live by the beach, I would go out every morning to take a look at the sunrise. It will be the same view, but the clouds and sky is different each day.  The crystal waters would glisten and greet me with a smile.  The breeze would touch my cheek and horizon will whisper there’s always more to explore.

I’ll learn to cartwheel on the sand, perfect my jump shots. I’ll build sand castles with kids of fishermen hanging around.    I’ll applaud them each time they would bring me a star fish, then ask them to throw it back to the sea. “Little Suzy, it belongs to its home.”

I’ll grill my favorite sea food, and eat rice served on banana leaf with my hands.  I’ll ask for a young boy to pick me coconut from a tree .  I’ll drink it it fresh from the shell while listening to the sound of the waves.  Sometimes this music in my ears would put me to sleep.  Then I’ll nap until the heat of the sun wakes me up.

My cottage would be a delight for the guests.  It’s surrounded by rare flowers I took from a nearby cave. Thank goodness, they blossomed overtime!  At first I thought they will whither on my hands.  I’ll welcome couples with handcrafts I made and serve them fresh honey lemonade.  Every week, a different pair visits our abode – they come from countries across the globe.

When they have relaxed, it will be my time to swim and swim.  My favorite wooden boat would take me to my sanctuary.  I’ll go to my favorite islet where I snorkel and dive.  No need for gears.  Forget sunblock lotions, I’m already tanned.   I’ve overcome my fear of water and heights –  I already fell, drowned and survived a hundred times.

The Story of My Sanctuary.

In my islet lies the cave where I found the rare flowers.  Since I found it, I’ve been returning to this place.  It was the same day I met him in swimming gear –  the man who made my heart skip a beat.  I can remember it clearly.

“May I help you?”  He approached me with a hand after seeing me by the shore in my bikini.   I was having terrible leg cramps and couldn’t stand on my feet.  It was awkward to ask for help from a stranger, but I clung to his arms until he led me to rest on a beach chair.

*to be continued*






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