Daily Disciplines

During rainy days like today, I would wake up in the morning feeling like going back to bed and just sleep. Aside from the weather luring me, I couldn’t help but think of the tasks I have to perform during the day. Not to mention the traffic I have to brave to travel to my workplace. But yes, we have to get up no matter how we feel.

Our minds need conditioning every day. We hear it from successful people – they make an effort to start their morning inspired and live with purpose. This is a practice I wanted to adopt for myself. I started it a long time ago, but need to be consistent.

I came across a blog today about the Daily Habits of Successful People from Huffington post. Prioritizing health, setting goals and reading books are included as expected.  But two things unmentioned which I think are equally important are spending time to do something you love, and communicating with people who are important to you.

I’d like to believe that highly successful people have good relationships with themselves and others.  They are not merely focused on goals and self-improvement, but think of the value they can give to others.  A higher purpose motivates them to perform the daily disciplines they are committed to achieve, and often, that purpose involves people.

I love the chapter from the devotional I just read [The One Year Love Language Devotional by Gary Chapman] which speaks about connecting with your loved ones as part of your lifestyle.  Digital technology allows us to chat while exercising or traveling and ask how they are.  Our lunch breaks can be a time to meet friends in person, too. This approach makes communication and building relationships a daily habit that’s easy to practice.

And of course, you can always set longer quality time with people close to you on special occasions and during work break. This discipline won’t feel like a burden, but will help you look forward to a time of refreshment.

Successful people



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