Find Time for You

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What I find great about life is how we can still discover about ourselves as we grow older. That includes our purpose, our role in this world, and a bigger cause that we can live for. But you’ll only find these treasures when you are able to step back.

Yes, I meant stepping back out of the daily hustle and bustle to pause and reflect. Detachment from routines is a character trait that we have to practice if we want to stay motivated. Some would think it’s a time waster but taking a break is a gold mine! I wouldn’t trade that season of my life with the productive days. Well, you may consider resting in itself as productivity.

From January until June this year, I spent a period of leave from having full time work. I have experienced awesome breakthroughs and miracles during the past months. I honestly felt taken cared of, even without the same income that I had from my job. I was abundant and free.

I can flex and stretch any time of the day since my business is home based. I’m available whenever my siblings would want to stroll at the mall. I have more time to cook, and have meals with my mom. I’m more inspired to write, read and watch motivational videos.

Transitioning from a freelancer back to becoming a working professional wasn’t easy. It feels like I had to mold myself from the beach babe I’ve been during the past months, into a marvel superhero that’s able to do it all! You know what I mean, right?

More responsibilities in the office would require you to be on your toes whereas a laid back personality develops when we are on vacation.

My choice of fashion even had to shift instantly! I wore a lot of long dresses and chiffon fabric in the past months. Recently, I have to change and take bold colored tees in cotton and match it with denim jeans.

This process of balancing femininity with a determined persona could be what most women out there are experiencing. Either one or the other could take over in a moment, or dominate your personality for a long time.

I realized that I had to blend the two into one – and practice how to “Act Like A Lady, and Think Like A Man”(based on Steve Harvey’s book).  I want to keep being relaxed and connected because it is my mold as a woman, yet stay focused on the outcomes I want to achieve.

The key to that is to take small steps backwards.  Not to quit my roles but to get pampered and rejuvenated whenever I need to.  Taking care of myself enables me to perform my function, and contribute to the higher goals I would like to happen for me and others.  The real treasure in making time to pause is not just in the lessons we will experience, but how it expresses the value we give to ourselves.


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