Dwell in the Land


It’s November!  Here in Manila, what we call the “ber-months” (September to December) are practically busy becasue of the long Christmas celebration.  Businesses are prepping up for year-end sales, performance reports and the likes, too.

In the past months, I hardly enjoyed sleeping in my room!  I have been out booking through airbnb to stay close to where my next meeting or work assignment is.  Meals supporting my long hours in the office were mostly fastfood,too.  I didn’t have time for quality conversations, because my mind is engaged in reviewing upcoming tasks on my plate.

Maybe you are experiencing this from where you are as well.    The reminder I wanted to share with you and myself today is to “dwell in the land”, from Psalm 37:3-4.   Other commentaries may have a different take on what the psalmist King David could mean in his passage, but what I’m about to write is my own interpretation.

First, I realized that worrying about survival, finances or earning could make us restless to the point that we forget about enjoying where we are. I experience this often when I’m strolling at the mall with my family or having dinner with my boyfriend.

“Oh, the shoes that I want is too expensive.  I can’t buy it right now.  And I don’t have enough to treat my family for dinner today.”  This thought make me feel disconnected while spending time with my family.

“Dear, when we get home after dinner, I need to open my laptop to check emails.”  We haven’t finished eating, and I’ve been chewing the though about incoming emails in my head.

These pesky thoughts about catching up just makes me feel unrelated and hurried to be some place else. I want to be more present and be in the moment as much as I can.

We shall have a settlement, a quiet settlement in our minds that we are under comfortable maintenance.

Each weekend,my mom gathers and teaches children from our neighborhood.  She has mastered to defeat fretting by doing good.  And these activities captures all of her being in the present moment.  She doesn’t have time to entertain negative thoughts about lack because she has made a resolve to make the most of and give what she has.  This makes her feel a little richer, even if she doesn’t have full time work or business like me or my siblings.  Her anchor aside from her good deeds, is her faith in Christ.

If work tasks can’t be eliminated,  I really need to schedule recreation that would make me feel alive – where I’ll commit to focus my energy and attention.  It’s a non-negotiable to keep myself sane!  Well, blogging is one, and I appreciate that I won’t have to go too far to grab a book and pen to write or reach for my laptop to open wordpress.  Aside from it, what I’m most grateful about, is the sacred time I can have to pray wherever I am even for a few minutes.

We are the sheep of God’s pasture. So I think this means we are to dwell in the place of our salvation, our relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ, with all others who have confessed His name and obeyed His word.

I’d like to accept the idea that we are being taken cared of by a more powerful Being who sees our needs.  The earth we live in is blessed with abundance for us to take and enjoy.  It takes some confidence to let go of work and take a good rest whenever we can.

**So… I’m extending some more sleep now.


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