SIMPLIFY: Why We Need to Quit Being Super Woman

I am used to being called a woman who is able to juggle many things.  This is a compliment in the beginning.  Being able to manage multiple projects and getting things done is indeed a gift.  But I eventually get overwhelmed the more I hear about it.

If you knew me personally, you may have heard this line from me: “I hate it when people describe me as busy.”  Being packed with activities is not my ideal lifestyle. I prefer productivity and efficiency – doing tasks that produces results with less time.  I want to always be available for people and pursuits that I love.

I started the year wanting to take a sabbatical.  But the freedom that comes with being released from 10-years of employment lured me to try many things aside from resting.  I am happy about being productive, and truly non-millionaires like us cant let go of working regardless of age.  My hardworking and creative spirit really reached its peak during this season.  I attended over five seminars, consumed a lot of books and articles, partnered for a start up, launched coaching sessions, invested in three websites on the works and more!

The end of 2016 has given me this realization – I am attracted to acquiring more skills and expanding my networks.  My value for personal growth has overshadowed my appreciation of balance and simplicity.  My reach is extending, but I honestly feel the lack of depth in some of the things that I do.

“You seem to have a lot going on? Which one is your priority? ” – a fellow entrepreneur asked me this question after we closed a business deal.   I’m glad that I am able to answer right away.  Because not being able to do so means that I’m going about my daily life aimlessly.  I know the things that I’m doing, and the purpose behind them (that’s important!) You can just say that I love variety, which leads to lack of focus sometimes.

Since I went freelance this year, opportunities to work and partner for projects have been knocking on my door.  Often, these pushes me to commit beyond my capacity.  Not to mention when I would label it is a way to help people.  Don’t we ladies just want to be the heroine when people use the magic word “help”?  We will try as much as we can to be in more than one place at a time.

“Well, peanut butter sandwich is best when the spread is thick and creamy, not when it’s applied thinly on bread.” – words from a friend encouraged me to study how to be tasty again.

I have dreamed of having super powers when I was a kid.  And maybe like me, you have wanted to accomplish many goals and take roles all at once too.  I don’t mind being someone else’s hero.   However, the kind of woman that we are and want to be may not shine if we don’t take care of the essentials.  It’s often the simple things we do that makes the difference.

There are little things I miss to do when I’m getting too busy like being able to write letters to my friends.  The habit of singing in the morning and reading has also been calling me back.  Oh, count cooking pasta in my list; and watching TV series with my siblings!  I went back to my bucket list of 50 dreams and started to see if I’ve been holding off some items.  Yes, life is too short not to spend time on my heart’s deep desires.

In order to revive things that we want in our lives, we would need to let go of some habits that are not useful to us, including super powers (saying yes to everything) that we may not need at the moment.

Moving towards 2017, I want to embrace a strategy called “living a simple life” and see if it would help me paint the vision I want for myself.   I have practiced pursuing many things at once in the past years and I’d like to try going to a different direction.  Now how do we actually pursue that?  Just one step at a time.

I could go on chatting, but I’ll just put my thoughts in the succeeding posts.


What excess activities or things do you think you should cut off from from your life?  Are you starting to feeling the anxiety of December and want to slow down during the start of 2017 too?  How are you managing your many roles as a woman?

I’d love to hear your comment and affirmation that I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Much love,




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