Focus on Systems Than Goals

One week to go before Christmas!  How are you keeping up with traffic, last-minute shopping and yearend reports at work? Relax and breathe.

I’ve set a personal 12-week journey to make deliberate efforts in simplifying my life.  Starting January 1, I’ll monitor myself and share with you my experiences in attempting to keep 12 rules in the hope to boost my productivity and enhance my well-being in the next 84 days.

That is until the week of my 31st birthday, to be exact.  (OMG, I’m gonna be 31!!!)

I’m still reflecting what those 12 rules will be, but the list should be up before New Year’s eve.  We usually set goals at the start of the year, so yes I’m also joining the bandwagon.  But I’ve read an awesome online article from suggesting that instead of focusing on goals, efforts should be made in improving systems and processes.

This idea had a great impact on me!  I’m starting to trust that if I do the daily work required on my end to reach my goals (add wisdom and guidance to that), results will naturally follow.

So just to clarify,  the 12-rules for the 12-week challenge only supports the system I need to work out my ideas.  If you stick around, I’d also be happy to share if this attempt supported the real plans that I’ve set for the first quarter of 2017.

What are your goals for 2017?  Have you thought about the system you need to create, or daily activities you need to do to achieve your plans?

Much love,



3 thoughts on “Focus on Systems Than Goals

  1. Catherine Vaughan says:

    Amen. Yeah sometimes I get frustrated as people don’t notice the small details like the “how” over the result. The process is always important and the determining factor/the driver of results/goals anyway….

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