At Home This Christmas

Remove the things you don’t need in life, except family.

Free your life from all the clutter- emotional hurts, clothes piled up in your closet which you haven’t used, worries.  But no matter how messy things could be in your family, choose not to eliminate them from your life.

I’ve been blessed with a supportive family.  My mom, dad, brother and sister cannot be replaced by friends, wealth and achievements I gained.  But like all other families, the relationships we have with each other aren’t perfect.  There were times I wished to detached myself from them and live independently.  At the end of the day, I would still always want to go back and be with them.  No other group can be as patient in putting up with my quirks and understanding my mood swings.

This Christmas eve, I encourage you to say a simple prayer to thank God for your family.



You may be reading this and at the back of your mind hoping you had a complete family, or had family members who are loving and caring.  I’ve realized that sometimes, “family” can be found elsewhere and not in the home.  There can be abusive parents, or rebel children, or proud siblings that you’re living with. And it is hard to try to change them.

Sometimes you have to go on with your life and accept the reality that we can’t have everything.  Don’t let the absence of people dishearten you, because when you seek sincere friendships, genuine people will come to support you both in good times and bad.  They may not be your biological family, but their presence in your life made you feel at home.

What makes life sad in general (especially during Christmas season) is when we focus on what we lack more than what we have.  Wherever we are right now, I’m sure there is one thing at least which you can be grateful for. And when thankfulness starts to build up in you, contentment comes.  Then reaching out to others and trying to make them happy will be easier. You’ll be at home wherever life takes you.


To my friends, I said NO to a lot of Christmas party invitations this December.  (I’m really sorry).  It’s part of my preparation for the 12-week challenge and pursuit of simplicity. (Check my previous blog posts to find out what I meant).   And I just want to spend more personal time this month.

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours.

Much love,



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