My 2016 in 14 Photos and 200 Words

It’s amazing how many things can happen in one year.  Sometimes it feels that not much has changed between where you left and where you are.  But each day is different.

One of the books I read this year, Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles” says that we should accept and believe that we are right where life wants us.  Even while we are still waiting for our dreams to happen.

Gabrielle’s words were supported by a TedX video from Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani which I recently viewed.  He says that we experience stress when we focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be.  Doing so decreases our productivity and appreciation of the present.  We should face today without regrets, and with confidence while moving towards the future.

Honestly, I’m in this stage where I’m convincing myself that God has a purpose where I am today.  The life that I have now isn’t exactly how I pictured it, but reviewing the events that transpired this year rekindled my joy and gave me hope that everything is well.


These were some of my adventures this 2016:

  • Watched Aladdin with mom and FTC kids
  • Went island hopping in Iloilo with Donna (who got engaged this year)
  • Started my resource speaking career with Business Coach and Manila Workshops
  • Celebrated Katt’s wedding
  • Went through tight decision making about jobs and projects
  • Turned 30 and planned a DIY party with my closest friends
  • Mounted a conference for Human Nature advocacy campaign, Pinay & Proud
  • Received bouquet of roses again
  • Opened a clothing store on Shopee
  • Joined a beauty pageant and won best in talent
  • Partnered with Nani for Go Up Events
  • Had time to relax in the beach with family
  • Received our 3rd Golden Globe Awards for Sayonato
  • Experienced a miracle
  • Launched my website
  • Enjoyed conversations with Berline about spirituality
  • Attended 4 workshops: Work at Home Jobs, Marketing, Coaching and Channels of Hope
  • Went to Eds baby’s christening with Julie and kids
  • Signed up for a coaching session with Ginger Arboleda
  • Continued house construction.
  • Finished two online courses: Business Communication and Personal Branding
  • Helped Jaki with 3SK exhibit at a cosplay event
  • Spent on Grab and Uber rides
  • Gained entrepreneur friends in Kamuning via airbnb
  • Got hooked with online apps
  • Relearned my lesson on simplicity
  • Wrote 2 new ebooks
  • Fell in love

Unmentioned in the list were the days of hard work, emotional challenges, nights of crying in prayer, weight gain struggles, exchange of SMS with friends for encouragement, daily picking of which clothes to wear, hiring of freelancers, Flash marathon, strolls with my mom and many other daily little things that contributes to quality of life as much as the big accomplishments.

What I love the most about new year is how it’s likened to a clean slate.  It’s a good opportunity to rewrite mistakes and start to live with purpose.  We make our actions intentional, and get ready for the unexpected things that is to come.

Thank you for all the people whom I encountered this year.  May you have a lesson-filled 2017 ahead.


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