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Simplify: Habits, Systems and Goals

I have a confession.  I was serious and crying for some nights when I realized that I carried over some of my 2016 resolutions to this year.  Some were even from 2014.

I get disappointed when I do not reach a goal. I would feel that my efforts were a waste.  Especially if I need to build something all over again.

Did this ever happen to you?

I eventually lightened up and assured myself that I’m not lost.  My aha moment happened after I read an online article shared by my blogging mentor.  I realized where I went wrong.

system-than-goals Read Source Here

My mistakes were:

  1. Setting goals that are unrealistic.  These are too big for me to achieve in a year, and takes a longer time to fulfill.
  2. Not committing to the daily discipline and creating systems to achieve those goals.

I’m sure you heard that we should breakdown big goals into  smaller chunks of tasks.  I guess some people see the big picture clearer- great at visualizing things, but needs improvement with the details to get things done.  I undermined how performing the little things can contribute BIG TIME.

For example, how will you target to save 100k in a year, when you can’t save at least 10k in a month?

How will you aim for a 24” waistline, when you don’t know the kind of exercise and diet you need to trim an inch?  You may be jogging yourself to death but if it doesn’t get you to have your ideal waistline, maybe you need another routine.

I don’t claim to be an expert, especially on finances and fitness!  I’m just a learner like you.

But I believe we get stronger each year because we never stop learning. This is why we learn as much as we can.  And we have the power to choose who we listen to, and which information are constructive for us. Especially amidst our flooded social media newsfeeds.

Seven years ago, I had an idea of starting an events website linking aspiring Filipino resource speakers with potential students.  Events, marketing and teaching were my passion. Besides, Wala pang ganitong idea sa local web that time, unlike today.

I started to do the company logo, layouts, proposals for possible speakers, talked to possible sales persons who will find seminar participants.  However,  I was not able to sustain this initiative.  I had a full time job then, and the reality of the daily grind hit me – I can’t do this. And don’t know exactly how to.

My point is, we need to realize not just the nature of our goal (in my case, how to start an events company) but also the habits and systems we need to sustain our goals (how to manage a part-time business on top of your day job). 

Making ideas happen involve learning.  Kung may isang bagay na gusto kong mangyari, kailangang pag-aralan kung paano.

Fast forward,  I was able to manage a full time job with side hustles for five years.  The event idea did not materialize yet, but I ventured into a different business.  This time, with my family.  I created systems to make the job manageable for me to work on.  I also had to study about bags, brands, online reselling – and I’m still learning about it today.

There are many resources (both online and offline) we can tap nowadays to carry out our goals: articles, books, learning events, and people. We are so blessed to have access to learning more than ever!  Let’s use this to our advantage.  Time and money is no longer an excuse.

My question to you now, – what new things do you need to learn this year, and what habits do you need to support your 2017 goals?


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1 thought on “Simplify: Habits, Systems and Goals”

  1. Unlike last year, I am still looking for a goal this year. Yeah, goalless? goal digger? idk. haha, then mistake no.2 got me. can you share any motivations? Thank you~ God bless.

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