How often do you buy new clothes?


I have a confession.   I used to buy new clothes every payday.   And believe me, despite the attempt to plan a capsule wardrobe last year and the year before, I couldn’t help but shop. Especially when each walk to the train station from the office allows me to pass by the mall.  If not shopping malls, our friendly neighborhood ukay ukay (thrift / vintage store) will always be a few steps from my apartment.

The last weeks of my 2016 was spent arranging my closet and collecting piles of clothes I don’t use.  Earlier the same year, I started to sell my used clothes (all in great condition) through a mobile app [check it here] and I find it helpful to gain some bucks for myself and lessen the clutter.  However, I still need to put this on my 12-Week Challenge as part of my SIMPLIFY GOALS.


I remember a friend who wears the same black t-shirt every other day going to work. Hello Darwin if you read this!).   Don’t worry, it’s clean because he said has more than one piece. Plus, he has the gray color of the same design whenever he needs variety. He says it’s been practical because it takes him less time to decide what to wear in a day, which means he can spend more time for the big decisions. (Good point!).

Well, ladies definitely would not want to wear the same shirt every day. Besides, clothes are my way to express the mood I have in a day or in a year.  Speaking of fashion preferences, last year I really liked gray and neutral shades.  The year before that, almost all the clothes I bought has pink or peach on it.  It feels great to have a different look each time you go out.  But I started to feel conscious of my purchases and how I’d only wear new pieces a few times.  I want this habit to change.

In the next 12 weeks, I’ll restrain myself to buy any piece of clothing (Wish me luck!) even if I’m going on a date on February (unless my boyfriend buys my dress *wink).  Also, the long-time capsule wardrobe plan has to happen.


So how do we make this possible?

I assigned a month in the year 2017 when I’m allowed to buy clothes, and a budget I have. This way, I can look forward for a time to shop for quality pieces and not over spend.  Every other item category I usually splurge on are on a scheduled month, too.  For example, if cosmetics are assigned on April and October, it means that I won’t pick up that Maybelline lipstick on the shelf even whenever it’s on sale  (Help me!).   I’m hoping a little self control will pay me back.

Don’t you think this is something you want to do, too?  I’ll update you when I survive.

Much love,



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