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Sweet Escape at Sonya’s Secret Garden


Can I not leave this place of solitude… this abode where my heart is at rest?

The chirping of birds sings to me in the morning; touch of the breeze on my face welcomes the new day.  

There hasn’t been excitement each time I wake up; until the thought of seeing fireflies from my window captured my imagination.  I waited for it during the night.

Those were one of the few times I am not asleep nor dreaming.  In fact, I am fully alive basking under the sun.. smelling the scent of lavenders.. nibbling on sweet berries from the garden.

I hear her whisper whenever my soul gets weary.  It haunts me, and calls for me to come back like a lover far away.  So near, yet seems surreal and distant.  

Will you take me again, my love?  Leave your worries behind.  Marvel at nature’s serenity and drink of her beauty and charm.

All it takes is a yes.  Everything else is free.

– Flaring Felicity



 Hi there, thank you for reading the poetry introduction!  I’m just mesmerized thinking about the place while creating my post so I decided to add some creative writing up there. The depth of words makes it obvious that I fell in love with Sonya’s Garden.

The first time I went to Sonya’s Secret Garden was some years ago.  My friends Nalyn and Jeric took me to buy Spanish bread in their Panaderia (bakery).  I was able to glance at the garden and went inside their souvenir store but never really had a chance to get a tour inside.  So when I had to pick a destination to relax this year, Sonya’s Bed & Breakfast was my top choice setting aside my favorite beaches near the Metro.


I booked the place with Erick for five days and four nights.  The time we spent there seemed too short, we hoped to never leave and even talked about having Sonya’s Garden as inspiration for our future home.

Instead of going there straight from Makati,  we stopped over Calamba, Laguna to visit my relatives.  A trip from Makati to Sonya’s Garden in Alfonso Cavite may take you up to four hours on a weekend.  Taking the route from Calamba cuts our trip in half.  We rented a van to drive us there and paid P2,500.  We chose to hire a vehicle but you can take a bus or self-drive going to Buck Estate, a few kilometers from the famous Sky Ranch if you took Tagaytay road.

When we checked-in at Sonya’s Bed & Breakfast, we were greeted by their friendly staff who carried our luggage.  Going to our room, we were surprised that the three-bedroom Fennel Cottage was assigned for the two of us.  It was too spacious!  Maybe they may have mistaken it as our honeymoon.

“Is anybody else sharing this place with us?”  I actually asked the staff from Sonya’s Garden ushering us.  He smiled and answered, “No miss, this is exclusive for you.”  Of course, we were grateful instead of complaining.

Fourteen cottages are available at Sonya’s and named after herbs.  Each cottage has a distinct personality.  It will be good to research what room to book if you’d like to have a special arrangement.  But if you’re a big family, the cottage we had can actually fit up to 8 persons.  We took a video of Fennel Cottage as your reference.


What To Do At Sonya’s Secret Garden

Ask for the receptionist to schedule you a guided tour.  Take a look at the fresh herbs and vegetables from their mini-greenhouse farm.  The tour guide will even pick edible flowers for you to taste and offer freshly squeezed dalandan (local lemon) juice after your walk.

There is a nearby lake or river where they usually take guests for a morning trip, too.  In some occasions, they have art-of-doing-nothing classes with no extra charge.  You can learn to cook with herbs, arrange flowers, create a wreathe, or do some yoga.  We especially enjoyed a spa and massage treatment at Sonya’s – this is a must do if you’ll book an overnight stay.

Sonya herself usually greets guests during breakfast when she’s in her home.  She lives in the same area.  If you’d like to have a moment with her, buy a coffee table book from the front desk personnel. She can ask Sonya to meet you and have the book signed for you.

Rates and Contact Information

Rates as of 2017 for a one-night stay at the Bed and Breakfast are PhP 3,400 per person on weekends and PhP 3,000 per person on weekdays. Single Occupancy rate is Php5,000. This includes a sumptuous breakfast and a complimentary lunch or dinner with serenade.  Oh, the kundiman serenade will be something you’ll love!  The singer’s voice blends well with the sounds of the crickets.

You may book online at


Of course, we took a lot of photos from the place during our stay.  Here are some we can share with you.

Send me a comment if you’ve visited the place or would like to go there.




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