Why I Skip the Coffee Shop


It’s been twelve weeks now since I skipped going to coffee shops to meet a friend, write a book, or quench my thirst.  I usually enjoy hanging out with a latte and slice of cake for while having a good conversation or to concentrate for my job.  I also enjoy the ambiance of my favorite shops.   But I decided not to continue as part of my “Simplify Goals” this year.

Drinks are usually expensive in coffee shops.  Plus, seeing tempting pastries on the counter shelves would make you want to spend more.  A signature breakfast with brewed coffee and croissant bun in Manila will cost around USD 4.  If you buy a croissant and instant coffee from the grocery, your expense will only amount to a dollar.

I’m not contending with people’s love for coffee – it may have benefits for the body when consumed moderately.  But what I’m trying to experience here is finding a good alternative to what I drink, health-wise and expense wise. Meeting up at coffee shops has been part of our lifestyle and it’s not easy to avoid.  McDonalds, a virtual office, or a snack bar with cheaper options will do the trick.

I’m not saying coffee or tea (which I usually order at Coffee Bean) are totally banned from my diet.  But it’s just mind-blowing how little daily expenses for a cup of coffee could accumulate a lump sum to budget for the essentials. As an alternative, I bring a refillable water bottle which can fit inside my bag whenever I go out of the house.

Moreover, it’s better to drink a cup of water when thirsty, too.  Because after drinking coffee, we would crave for a glass of water anyway.

Infographics Small.png

Reference: Time.com – Coffee Costs


Reference: Coffee Drinking Statistics



2 thoughts on “Why I Skip the Coffee Shop

  1. I had my “No Coffee Drinking Challenge” last January. The result was successful ’cause I didn’t really drank for a month. I even like the effect that I am not that addicted to coffee like I was before. Wala lang. I just shared. Laking tipid talaga. 😀

    1. Thanks for sharing Clarence! Congrats and keep it up hehehe.

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