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5 Life Lessons From Starting a Like Exchange Thread for Bloggers


I was in front of my laptop planning my social media content for the month.  While looking for ideas, I stared blankly at my screen with this question:

How can I increase my blog followers?

I started my blog 5 years ago but the numbers aren’t going up.  I stopped writing for some time and posted articles only for the first two years.  That’s the excuse I have for my slow progress.

Setting a goal to get more readers is a great motivation for me to revive this hobby.  But where will I begin? Do I need to repeat how I got my first followers – create another giveaway promo, comment on other blogs as often as I can, attend an event to take cosplayers’ photos and tag them after?

LESSON 1: There’s power in asking questions.

April 6, 10:54 am.  I decided to post my question at Philippine Blogger’s Support Group:

I recently encountered a website selling minimum 100 paid blog followers (even post likes). Have you considered this kind of deal? Aside from giveaways, great content, and exchange of likes among fellow bloggers, how do you build your followers?

Phil Bloggers Support

I did not get any response at all as of the time I published this blog post.

I was wondering if I posted on the right page.  I read their guidelines saying only discussions about blogging are encouraged.  I complied, but all other posts in their timeline were advertisements.

Maybe it’s because I’m not popular with the group, or posted at the wrong time.  Or maybe the other blogger members didn’t know the answer, either.

Yes, I learned that there is power in asking questions.  But on many occasions, I experienced not having other people answer those questions for me.  I needed to figure things out myself.

Last week, I shared to my fairy godmother (what I call a friend older than me who guides me in life decisions) about a situation I had with my family and business.  She told me she needed time to think her answer through and that I can listen to what my heart says for the meantime.  Just like the questions for my blog, I had to find answers within myself for a while.

So the real lesson here is:

There’s power in asking questions… to yourself.

Yes, I mean literally talk to yourself and draw out direction from within you.  What is it that you really want? How do you think can you get it? What simple steps can you do to reach your goal?

April 6, 10:54 am.   Instead of trying to look so hard for the answer, I created the answer.  I had an idea to start a “like exchange thread” at Bloggers Association of the Philippines.

At first, I thought of soliciting likes for my blog page and write the usual call to action:  “Like my page, and I’ll like your page back!” But as a marketing practitioner, I encouraged myself to think.

LESSON 2: Often, the answer to your problems is simple. You only need to apply what you already know!

My favorite marketing advice is to first know who your audience is. Communicating your message is built around the interest of your readers, and not just your own.

When other bloggers will respond to a post that says, “Like my page and I’ll like your page back” , I’ll get many likes from those who reacted. But my respondent will only get 1 like.  Not fair, right?

What is the interest of my audience?  Definitely, my fellow bloggers want more likes too. How can I help them?

10% off + Free Shipping w%2F COD.png

I’m not the first one who started a thread like this.  My goal is not to claim that I own this idea. It has been done thousands of times.  But I haven’t started it myself and I’m willing to test if this will still work.

It was a good research opportunity to check what my fellow bloggers are doing, too.  And to my surprise, it did not attract just newbies.  Even those with four thousand likes or more still participated.

There are many ways blogger communities encourage support in terms of increasing social media following.   Sometimes, we only need to reinvent existing ideas.

For example, Member din ako ng Pinoy Bloggers Group, kung saan nagustuhan ko ang weekly comment & social exchange shares thread nila. It was a good platform for me to get people to actually read my blog.  The comments I received from participants were sincere and were not random posts.   Everyone commented on everyone’s post based on goodwill, and I leveraged on the same principle to expect a response in the thread I created.

LESSON 3: You succeed more when you help people and consider them as partners.

April 6, 11:39 am.  The first blogger participant of was The Diary Queen (she doesn’t sell ice cream). The response came 11 minutes after I posted and I actually rejoiced, “Yes, someone believes in me!”  I can’t help but thank her right away.

The people you reached out to help with your ideas – your readers, or your followers, aren’t simply recipients of your kindness or great content.  Your goal will not be possible without them backing you up. They are your partners. Thank them.

April 6, 6:30 pm.  Lady Auradelle was the second to ask how we can validate if all the bloggers who posted will actually participate and follow the rules.  To be honest, it was until that point that I came up with a clearer direction on what to do.  I reviewed the mechanics I created including what to answer.

You don’t have to be ready and have all the information you need when you start any idea.  Why? You can still miss some details no matter how prepared you are. You can always learn and improve along the way.

I’m thankful for the question of Lady and others (again, there is power in asking) because it helped me check the goal and how I plan to get things done.

LESSON 4: Solutions will come in form of steps. Sometimes it happens unplanned and just comes to you.  

April 6, 8:14 pm.  After I tallied how many bloggers participated for the first day, I encountered an online ad about a free e-book  “How to Get Your First 5k Subscribers”.  I downloaded and read the file in one seating during the same night.  It seems that the answer I was looking for was served on my plate and I had to eat a buffet!

My takeaway: getting likes for your blog won’t happen overnight.  Just same as how solutions to your life problems won’t get answered in an instant.  But we can create a strategy, form steps we can follow, and be guided by people who walked ahead of us.

I learned from the e-book so I decided to share with you here the link to Derek Halpern’s resource. Derek is an expert marketer and entrepreneur who built several successful websites in various niches. And he answered my question about building blog followers!


Lesson 5: Life is a cycle. You will receive blessings when you give.

The real blessing for me isn’t really getting 50 likes or so for my Facebook page after I created the exchange thread, but the entire experience!  Moreover, I witnessed gratitude among people who appreciates the little things.  Gestures like a simple comment from Lenny made me smile at the end of the day.


To continue the sharing cycle and making other people smile, you can read one of the posts I like from Lenny’s blog: A Little Kindness Won’t Hurt .

Last, if you think this blog post is awesome, please leave a comment below or subscribe to my blog.  I know it may take some time and strategy for me to reach 5,000 followers.  But at least I’ve gotten momentum with additional 50. Next target is 500! 😛


4 thoughts on “5 Life Lessons From Starting a Like Exchange Thread for Bloggers”

  1. Torally agree ms. Jonah! And this is a more effective and organize way of sharing nd helping each others as partners. Kudos for your effort and initiative! Thanks!

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