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Social Media Detox: Time Away From Gadgets


For a woman who loves Facebook, chats with her long-distance boyfriend on Viber daily, and relies on mobile selling apps for her business, putting away gadgets and having a social media detox even for a day isn’t easy.  Having information at the palm of my hand somehow gives me comfort and has been a source of both pastime and productivity.

I went beach camping for five days and four nights in Palawan last summer and decided to skip the use of the internet.  I had to challenge myself for a social media detox.

Well, it wasn’t difficult then because I was on a remote island with limited wifi access. The view of the beach and the mountains consumed me and these were harder to resist than glancing at my phone, too.

In this time capsule, my Facebook news feed with posts of gossips about friends or politics, funny videos or memes aren’t present. But nature feeds me with the same intrigue and curiosity offered by social media anyway.  And there is a big difference with how calming and profound it is.


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My cottage view from Tapik Beach Park Guest House in Palawan



I admit that I had to take my camera (a valid device for this challenge) with me for some hours to capture the images of amazing living creatures – baby crabs walking towards the shore, a starfish caught on the sand and a bee kissing the lips of a flower. I feel like a seven-year-old girl giggling at the sight before me. I’ll upload photos of these soon, boyfie’s still fixing the pictures hehehe.

Truly, we deserve a better view each day than facing our laptops, television, and internet screen when at home work. I felt my soul was being nourished than stirred with jealousy, pride, or lust I encounter when I scroll my timeline.  A social media detox is worth it.

I know it isn’t every day that you can afford an out-of-town trip or simply have time to travel.  But whenever you have the chance to visit the city park or enjoy the starlit night sky revealing itself in the midst of the tall office buildings, treasure the moment and seek inspiration. Just turn off those devices for a while because nature will never run out of stories.


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