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Move on From Breakup: Featured Stories from Real Women

Starting this July, will run its Breakup Blog Series to promote  I’m Moving on From Breakup as their first featured e-book.  I wrote the e-book two years ago and had it available on Amazon Kindle.  And this July, we’re giving this as a free copy for new subscribers of the said blog. is not just a website but a community with a mission to collect relationship stories and lessons to inspire young women.  At the same time, it’s also a platform for creative writers to share their blog posts and e-books.



Here are the ladies (and their respective blogs) who will be part of the first Breakup Blog series:

AJ Villamar – a Social Media Assistant Reporter for The Philippine Star.  She creates art to express herself and dedicates poems for her faith and the people she treasures most.

Arlene Cheng – a former missionary teaching Math in Port Moresby and now lives in Papua New Guinea.  She believes that a good attitude will enable blessings to be multiplied and shared among others.

Dani Hernandez – an aspiring creative writer who works as Human Resources Officer for a marketing and advertising company.

 Elle Hucal – a blogger who started her site as an online diary while managing her fashion shop, The Brown Spot.

Janis Narvas- .a marketing associate in a firm in Makati who loves locally sourced coffee, a bowl of zesty pho, and rusty old trains.

Nini Perez – an entrepreneur, wife, and mother who advocates for natural parenting and breastfeeding.

Paula Cabildo – a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger who describes herself as Jane-of-All-Trades.

Thewata Hernandez – a lifestyle blogger, food lover, and dreamer who believes that everyone can achieve each goal with dedication and hard work.

Tine Ibanez – a freelancer who writes poems when inspiration strikes from watching Asian series and anime.


About the e-book:  I’m Moving on From My Breakup-8 Lessons About Love and Life

Reading my e-book will help you to:

* embrace what you have including the people that are around to support you;
* seize opportunities to express affection for people you care for;
* pursue your dreams;
* and love freely even if it has caused you pain in the past.

You may download the abridged version free for a limited time only at


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