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Ka Tunying’s Cafe: Check Their Feel-Good Dishes!

I always stay near GMA Timog Avenue whenever I hold my monthly seminars in San Juan.  Thus, looking out for new places to dine within the area has been my recent adventure.  I scheduled my “pamper me night” on a Thursday (spa at Ayana’s Wellness Center then dinner at Ka Tunying’s Cafe) and to my surprise, I bumped into the restaurant owner himself – Broadcast Journalist Mr. Anthony Taberna!


I can tell he was relaxing from work but he still greeted me and gave me the charming chinito smile.   And so, meeting Mr. Taberna made me more excited to try dishes at Ka Tunying’s Cafe.

2 (2)


The dishes on the menu are actually as witty as his personality.  Check out these names:

  • Inasar si Ceasar Salad (Ceasar Salad Inasal)
  • Tinapa Lumangoy sa Chowder (Tinapa Chowder)
  • Ka-Love-Asa Lasagna (Pumpkin Lasagna)
  • Fish, Pilay, Nakalunok ng Itlog na Pula (Fish Fillet and Salted Egg Rolls)

I can’t help but smile when I browsed the menu and noticed the names of the dishes.  Muntik na ko tumawa ng malakas sa resto pero pinigilan ko, mag-isa kasi ako.  Makirap tumawa ng mag-isa hehehe.

 My favorite page from the menu is where Linamnam Meals (affordable set meals for one) and Bakbakan Platter meals for two to three with choices of Komobochero A, B, C (combo) are.  These are for great and affordable choices for solo or group food trip goers.


So guess what my order was?  I requested for PAKNER B because it has both the favorite dishes I have – relyenong bangus at gising-gising!  This choice, of course, made my tummy happy.

 To cap off my meal, I ordered hot Hibiscus Pandan Tea.  And I SUPER loved it!  I always choose a cup of tea over coffee and the unique blends offered at Ka Tunying’s Cafe made me want to try every drink there is.


I have a feeling this won’t be my last date with Ka Tunying.   It’s now on my top list of Pinoy restaurants offering my favorite comfort food.

Have you been to this resto?  What’s your favorite dish!  Join me next time!

Ka Tunying’s Cafe in Timog Avenue is located at the Upper Ground Floor of Caswynn Building in front of GMA Network.  Visit their Facebook page here.


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