The Woman Behind The Blog

Jonah Chipeco started her love for writing at the age of eight.  She used to fill her notebooks with poetry, short stories, and essays about dreams, romance, and adventure.   Her first novel was about kids like her having super powers and being trained to fight evil in the world.  Since then, she imagined herself to be able to publish books someday.

At age fifteen, she realized how engrossed she was about writing and felt the need to gain real friends.  She threw away the novels she wrote and attempted to be more deliberate in creating real-life adventures for herself.  Inviting classmates to her house became the new hobby for some time – trying the new play station game with them or singing karaoke.

Giving up on creating stories didn’t mean she stopped her dream.  Growing up as a sociable teen, keeping a journal was her way to remind herself of life lessons she learned.   She likes capturing her experiences on her diary – her first dance, first kiss, the day she had to resign from her job, when she went through a breakup, and more.  Her writing became a tool to teach herself than to escape.

She created this wordpress blog at the age of 24 to connect with her passion amidst the demands of being a working professional.  Going out to cover an event or review a new restaurant keeps her sane and more grateful.  This allowed her to enjoy the child in her who enjoys simple pleasures in life – such as looking at the starlit sky, chasing butterflies, reflecting on books and artworks, traveling on a budget, taking photos of cosplayers, free feasts, and gathering friends for celebrations.

psalm 37-3-4

Today, Jonah is an entrepreneur and has published e-books on Amazon Kindle. She also teaches business writing among professionals and now looks forward to getting married with her knight in shining armor.


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