Fill Your Life with Love

Is it a challenge for you to take a break because you feel the lack of time or become conscious of the need to spend?   Good news, expensive wardrobe or go to luxury travels to relax and be happy!   A little resourcefulness and a touch of creativity would help.  This is what the essence of my blog is.

Flaring Felicity wishes to gather women who want to connect with their feminine side once in a while – detach from the concrete jungle she’s in and just appreciate the beautiful things around her.

In a nutshell, the blogger loves nature.. (taking photos of flowers whenever she sees one), social gatherings (event organizer here!), arts,  food (fan of reality shows for chefs ), music, and dressing up (courtesy of your local ukay ukay!).  Filling her life with things she loves became her way to relax and create a colorful life.

Felicity is a happiness you feel when you experience contentment and freedom. It is described with the other word “flaring” (bursting or flamed up) to illustrate the quiet confidence a woman can exude to give warmth and touch other people’s lives.





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