Ka Tunying’s Cafe: Check Their Feel-Good Dishes!

The restaurant offers unique and must-try Pinoy comfort dishes, drinks, and pastry.


Restaurant Picks: Outback Steak House

Every year, I explore new restaurants worthy of my Top Restaurant Picks and share them here on the blog. In the next days, I'll recap ten favorite dining spots I've been to for 2015 including my ratings on food taste, service, ambiance and value for money. These are definite food spots that I'll go back … Continue reading Restaurant Picks: Outback Steak House

Dekada Glorietta: Filipino Food Trip

Dekada in Glorietta 3 is a must visit place if you'd like to celebrate Filipino cuisine with your friends and family.  I was invited to dine at the restaurant for the first time last week and had a good experience. First thing I noticed was the interior of the restaurant which seemed like a mini-museum.  There … Continue reading Dekada Glorietta: Filipino Food Trip