5 Ways to Make Love Endure

February starts tomorrow, and I'm starting to feel mushy. Okay, maybe just a little. So would you indulge me with the pleasure of writing about love?  It's still my favorite topic. And since you're reading along, I'll make sure you'll get something out of this. Love involves pain (darn, I have to go straight to the … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Love Endure

An Open Letter

How I wish that conversations in relationships could be like this open letter – genuine, transparent, sincere. If the lover and beloved are able to voice out their feelings as they are, then trust will be built. They can almost always work on what is lacking and bring the best out of each other.

The Fickle Heartbeat

an open letter

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I loved you. I’m not sure whether I still do, but I’m sure I did at a point, and I did with every fiber of my being. You brought me unexplained happiness that took over me every time I saw you or spoke to you, something that so many others failed to do at the time, but you did perfectly well. It wasn’t just hormones or infatuation or absentmindedness or any other thing, it was love.

I can say I saw you at your best when you said you felt like a rock star. I was also there when you started doubting yourself and revealing your inner demons to me. I see you conquering audiences with your intelligence and wit, and I see you losing your cool to small things. You’re both so strong and so fragile, so human in a way I never thought…

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Train of Thought: The Last Five Years

The first time I heard Jason Robert Brown’s songs was when I watched Nine Work Theatrical’s The Last Five Years starring Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes. It was a week ago when my friend Berline asked me to see the show at RCBC Plaza. I admit I got hooked, the songs and the scenes are … Continue reading Train of Thought: The Last Five Years