Creating CONTENT and EVENTS amplifies your BRAND MESSAGE and speaks about your RELEVANCE among your audience. Young professionals are always looking for ways to EXPAND their knowledge. Meeting your business through a BLOG POST, EBOOK or a SEMINAR will inspire and capture their interest to know you more.

What I love about these methods is establishing a relationship more than just selling. Profit is a result of establishing relationships!


I help inspire young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals through creating, delivering, and promoting informational materials and learning events.

I offer:

✓Article and Ebook Writing for Blogs
✓Event Organizing & Event Marketing
✓Delivery of Writing and Marketing Workshops

I partner with..

✓Resource Speakers & Training Institutions
✓ Human Resource Managers
✓Young Professionals and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
✓Companies who want to reach their market through content marketing and events


I started as a freelance writer and event organizer in 2011 while managing my day job as a marketer for a nonprofit organization. Those were the years I proactively sought ideas about growing as an individual, making most out of my career, and pursuing my passion. The seminars I attended, e-books, and articles I read became tools that led me to have a more flexible lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

View my writing portfolio here:

I’d love to explore how we can collaborate! Email me at or submit the form below.

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