How do you keep yourself inspired?

Inspiration is important to me.  In such a way that I need to be conditioning myself why I do something, so i could most probably achieve great results.  I like the words inspire, inspired, inspiring, inspiration and inspirational!  I value inspiration as much as I value creativity, and my dictionary.

I don’t always get inspired.. to work, to write, to love, to live and get up in the morning. But I always get excited to seek inspiration – from people, places, things, events (all nouns you could think of).

I seek inspiration because I love being inspired, and the feeling I get when I inspire people.

I guess we’re all wired to feed on inspiration (or enlightenment, wisdom or learning.. if you’re tired of hearing the “I” word from me).

Choose from the topics here in my blog to see how you can find your own source of inspiration.  I’m NOT PROMISING that you’d see one for yourself, it all depends if your mind is open and ready to take in information.

My sources of inspiration by the way are:

1)  My quiet moments with the Lord

2)  Listening to music with good vibes

3)  Reading books

4)  Conversing with people

5)  my mentors

6) Everyday life experiences

7) nature.


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