Some Things About Me.

“If you would have all the money and time in the world, what will you be doing in your life?”  

 When asked this question (ala-Ms.Universe Q&A), I didn’t have a hard time to answer.  I had this dream ever since to be planning and hosting reunions with my family and friends.  I want to be spending memorable experiences with people I love.  I will be travelling, or partying with them more often.  I won’t miss out important occasions,or at least send out a gift or a thoughtfully written note if in case I really cant make it.  I’ll be engaging them into fun and meaningful activities to deepen our relationships.

Meet my family.Their smiles here are priceless!
Perfect moment with highschool friends captured!
Dining out with JL buddies. Group photo taken every year!
My friend Monica’s wedding with TVCC friends
Enjoyed one summer with elementary friends: Via, Pau and Ralp. Yah, let this upside down photo be.

 Now kids and the youth has been part of my heart – working and being with them makes me feel younger.  I’d like to eventually establish a training group to empower the youth thru workshops or seminars.  I believe in giving back the blessings we receive and partnering with people to make a lasting impact for the glory of God.

Singing with kids at ROG Bagong Silang
I also organize series of workshops since 2012

To accomplish the many dreams we have I value the importance of personal wellness and development. I also want to be an advocate of health and environment, too.

Let more people enjoy and take care of our beaches.  I always dream about Boracay ever since I went there. More beaches to explore!
More Marathons to come!!I was one of those who were stretching here.. and I ran of course! Need inspiration to work out some more!!

And I love travel!  Would like to explore my country first (Philippines) then the world eventually.    And in between my travels I’d be writing a book… and…sing or write songs.. and.. hahaha.  My thoughts just won’t stop.

I play guitar and keyboards, and write songs.
Btw, I play guitar and keyboards, and write songs.

I just realized that I don’t need all the time and money in the world to be living the life that I want.  Because I’ve been given a chance to live in it.  This just happens as I align myself with God’s will in my life.  He provides all the good pleasure and favor we need that we may also bless others. 🙂  3/18/12

By the way, call me Hannah.  Sorry for telling so much about myself.  It may have ruined our first date 😛  Now I’d love to hear about you.

Thanks for the visit! - Hannah
Thanks for the visit! – Hannah

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