About the Writer

I love turning invisible things (ideas, in layman’s term) into something tangible – putting thoughts into writing, concepts into real events.

I simply see dreams turning into realities as “magical”; and I’d be fascinated to see it happening – unfolding in the daily chapters of life.

I’m a hopeless romantic.  I believe in happy endings. 😉

I treasure joyful moments found in making other people  happy.  It’s  a gift I could not grasp on my own but a privilege my Maker freely gives everytime I share what He has bestowed upon me.

I chase after inspiration – it’s a necessity; a motivation.

And I yearn to be a light to others… so I’m using my flair for writing.. to spark a  flare.

I wish to become a writer, and publish a book one day.   And yes, I know this is a stepping stone to this dream.  So I’ll keep on weaving dreams, figuring how my puzzle of experience are connected to create the big picture.

Then I’ll write.. and write.. and write.

Note: photo of me taken by my student while i was resting at the cafeteria.


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