The Prince

The Prince.  Just A Random Fictional Story from the Writer.

Prince Caspian. The Chronicles of Narnia.

“Come.  Leave it up to me.  I promise you can join the feast.”

He knew from my heart that I wanted to join the celebration at the king’s palace.  Being one of his acquaintances was flattering – getting invitations from time to time to sneak inside the castle and take a look at books from his library.  You won’t know from first look; he appears like a commoner from a distant.  But you will catch a glimpse of prominence in his eyes.  When you get to know him more, you would soon believe he really is who he claims to be.

“But I don’t have any  gown to wear.  And.. and someone has to fix my hair, you know.   It’s ROOYAALTY PAARTAAY.”  Any girl who would be invited for this occasion would love to be dressed up, and look beautiful.

“And WHO WOULD NEED THAT, when you’re with me? ”  He answered with a smile, gently implying that all I need to be the stunning woman I dream of is to be escorted by him.  He always has answers for my excuses.

You can hear the loud music and voices of people chatting from the back gate where we entered.  He guided me thru the corridors, running as if in a hurry, until we reach the main hall where the grand party is happening.  Tables filled with food.. servants carrying cocktails and serving wine to the guests… ladies in their ball gowns and masquerade…  the front stage filled with musician of different instruments… handsome dukes seemingly discussing business, neatly dressed up knights who arrived victoriously from their conquest.


My friend led me to climb the stairway to the balcony so we can just see the sight of everything.

“This is great.” I uttered with a barely flat face.  I was amazed with the grandness, but I admit I wasn’t excited with the fact that I don’t recognize even one familiar face.

“What’s wrong?… You’re not happy?”  He can tell whether I am or not, and I felt like I could not lie or pretend anyway.

“ I am happy.  But I just feel like I don’t fit in.”

“Oh.  Well, I don’t either.  Until I change my wardrobe to that of a prince so that they can recognize me.   Mind if I leave you?  Wait here.  I’ll send someone to fix you appropriately for the audience of the king.”

He gave me a wink after he said that and just fled thru the corridors, maybe gearing towards his room.; Leaving me awestricken on what surprise he wants to give me next.  After a few minutes of gazing at the crowd below and looking for where the king and queen might be, a maidservant approached me.   She led me to a room where my ball gown awaits.



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