Revisiting Intramuros Manila

Revisiting Intramuros Manila is always on my top list when I need to reflect about life and go back to my roots.  I lived here for almost seventeen years thus the walls and streets had my childhood and teen memories.  Though I’m no longer staying in the place,  Intramuros is still one of my most favorite places in the world.

I enjoy going back to Intramuros  whenever I have free time alone, I always take with me either my notebook or sketch pad and fill it with lots of thoughts, doodles and prayers.  Most of the time, I ask for a friend to escort me too.

I’m sharing with you some photos I was able to capture from my camera during my recent visit.  I wrote personal notes in each of them which I hope you can check out, too.

Whenever I meet foreigners or friends from abroad, Intramuros Manila is the first tourist spot in Manila I recommend them to go to.  Note that I posted here only three destinations in Intramuros: Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral and Palacio del Gobernador.  There’s so much more to see like the San Agustin Church, Baluarte de San Diego and my most loved walls of Intramuros.

Source: David Robinson – YouTube

I recommend that you sign-up for the Intramuros Walking Tour packaged for local and international tourists.  Click here to learn more.

If you happened to be going soon, feel free to say hi and send me a comment :)

An Open Letter


How I wish that conversations in relationships could be like this open letter – genuine, transparent, sincere. If the lover and beloved are able to voice out their feelings as they are, then trust will be built. They can almost always work on what is lacking and bring the best out of each other.

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an open letter

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I loved you. I’m not sure whether I still do, but I’m sure I did at a point, and I did with every fiber of my being. You brought me unexplained happiness that took over me every time I saw you or spoke to you, something that so many others failed to do at the time, but you did perfectly well. It wasn’t just hormones or infatuation or absentmindedness or any other thing, it was love.

I can say I saw you at your best when you said you felt like a rock star. I was also there when you started doubting yourself and revealing your inner demons to me. I see you conquering audiences with your intelligence and wit, and I see you losing your cool to small things. You’re both so strong and so fragile, so human in a way I never thought…

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Beauty Crafts by Kiran Make Up Workshop

 Beauty Crafts by Kiran offers professional hair and make-up services for special occasions. Based in Cityland Tower in Herrera corner Valero Makati city, their studio also offers make-up classes for beginners and advanced learners.

I was able to attend Beauty Craft’s Make-Up 101 class last July through a discount voucher I bought via .  At seven hundred pesos only (Php700), I was able to register for a 4-hour workshop inclusive of hand-outs, certificate and use of cosmetics.  A great buy, isn’t it? Regular rate is P2,500 for 2 participants.

Beauty Crafts allows their students to use their inhouse cosmetics with brands such as Mac, Urban Decaye, Loreal and Makeup Forever.

Some topics covered for Beauty Craft’s make-up 101 includes base make-up application, eyes-lips-face make-up techniques.  The instructor also shared her preferred make-up brands depending on the need.

The first two hours were allotted for the lessons and demonstrations from the instructor.  The next two hours were given for the students to apply what we learned.


 Preferred brands by Kim of Beauty Crafts by Kiran:

foundation – Revlon, Clinique, Make-up Forever, Bobbi Brown

mascara – Maybelline, Max Factor, Lancome

eyeliner – Nichido waterproof eyeliner


Various make-up brushes helps the artist to get the perfect look she wants!  Make-up is a lot like painting, you gotta have quality brushes for a specific use! We suggest you get yours at Props, Tools and Cosmetics. I was encouraged to buy a set for myself.

Beauty Craft’s model shows day and night looks after the instructor demonstrated how it’s done.


Each session holds upto eight students only so that the instructor has more time to focus on the students. This is a photo of my batch mates after our make-up exercise.  They awarded us with certificates, too.


My name here is misspelled but I’m still happy for taking the class :)


Kim is the artist behind Beauty Crafts by Kiran.  She finished her professional airbrush course at Makeup Forever Singapore. She is also a professional hair stylist under David’s Salon Academy and has been conducting workshops for flight attendant trainees in the Philippines.

Beauty Crafts by Kiran holds monthly workshops. Visit for more information.

World Food Expo 2014 (WOFEX) Photos

World Food Expo 2014 - I was able to visit the last day, August 9 at SMX Convention Center.  I expected alot of people to come since it’s a weekend – and I was right, there’s still a long line at the ticket booth around 3pm.

I did a quick tour for an hour. Was able to spot some cooking demos and food tasting activities.. also visited booths and hunt for good stuff I can find. WOFEX 2014 has two venues this year, aside from SMX they housed exhibits at Worldtrade Center Manila which I missed.  Here’s the link to their fb page if you want a glimpse of what happened during the entire event.

Meanwhile, here are some photos I was able to capture.  Feel free to click to see some description.

Exhibitor Advertisements:

Torch Catering - contact them for their catering services or visit their restaurants in Greenhills and Katipunan Avenue. Email or

InJoyPhilippinesstart your business franchise (milk tea, popcorn, ice cream, frappe, etc). Email

Fogon – induction halogen cooker and kitchen products contact 09178712242 and look for Joel. Great products, I saw their demo!

The Artland Printerfood labels and packaging, promo material printing


And of course, how can I miss the cake displays from the competition?

Thanks for the exhibitors whom I was able to chat with,.. and the guy who took my photo here.

This is me at the Torch Catering booth! I

This is me at the Torch Catering booth! 

 See you in next year’s event!

Train of Thought: The Last Five Years

The first time I heard Jason Robert Brown’s songs was when I watched Nine Work Theatrical’s The Last Five Years starring Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes. It was a week ago when my friend Berline asked me to see the show at RCBC Plaza. I admit I got hooked, the songs and the scenes are still on my mind.

l couldn’t move on and thus decided to write the thoughts echoing in my head. I will be writing a series of blog posts featuring the musical’s songs. Maybe this serves as a therapy for me to release the mixed emotions I experienced from the play. And yes, I have gone through a break-up and can relate with the story.

Let me warn you first that this may seem a bit melancholic.  If you decide to read on my train of thoughts, thank you.  I appreciate your insights, and would love to see your comments about this post.

Let’s start at the beginning. This should be on your list of heart break songs: Cathy Hyatt’s I’m Still Hurting.

im still hurting

 Jamie is over and Jamie is gone.

Jamie’s decided it’s time to move on.
Jamie has new dreams he’s building upon,
And I’m still hurting.

How can two people who started a dream together suddenly realize that new dreams are formed, and at one point acknowledge the need to go separate ways? It made me think, should your common dream be the goal? Or should it be living with the person you love?

Change is constant. And even in relationships, even if you start walking towards a common destination with your beloved, there will be a sudden shift. One day, a vision marked a long time in your heart will just clearly draw itself on your head.  What will you do?

Jamie’s dream was to be a well-known writer.  For Cathy, to be a famous actress.  Despite the different pacing of their individual career race, they chose to be with each other. They believed in each other. They agreed that both of them inspire one another to pursue their goals.

But in the middle of the journey, these goals became the wall between them.  Jamie exclaims “I will not fall just because you couldn’t win.”

Jamie arrived at the end of the line.
Jamie’s convinced that the problems are mine.
Jamie is probably feeling just fine,
And I’m still hurting.

Jamie left leaving his wife with only a letter.  Cathy wasn’t given a chance to explain things and make them right.

Are relationship problems just one sided?  I don’t agree.  It takes two people to work it out, and the one left behind shouldn’t entertain the thought that it’s all her fault.

Jamie is sure something wonderful died.
Jamie decides it’s his right to decide.
Jamie has secrets he doesn’t confide,
And I’m still hurting.

In an ideal world, parting ways should be the decision of the two. If there is still love, or even a little respect left, the issues in the relationship should be dealt with transparency.  There may still be possible solutions to the problems they face than giving up on the relationship.One couldn’t just let go and leave behind the other without explaining the reason.

Jamie, perhaps like many other men, may find it hard to express how they feel.  It may be fear of rejection, our showing themselves as vulnerable.  But if you are to unfold your emotions or mistakes with someone you love, shouldn’t it be easier to trust and take courage?

Go and hide and run away!

Run away,
Run and find something better!
Go and ride the sun away!
Run away, like it’s simple,
Like it’s right…

Give me a day, Jamie!
Bring back the lies,
Hang them back on the wall!
Maybe I’d see
How you could be
So certain that we
Had no chance at all

It’s never easy to run away from relationship, and forget about the person you love.  But who can say if it’s wrong or right?  Only time can tell.

In life, we always seek for something better – even if we thought we found the best.  Life is a constant search, and unless your heart is filled you will only thirst for love.  There is no perfect man, no perfect woman, no perfect relationships.

Jamie is over and where can I turn?
Covered with scars I did nothing to earn?
Maybe there’s somewhere a lesson to learn,
But that wouldn’t change the fact,
That wouldn’t speed the time,
Once the foundation’s cracked
And I’m
Still Hurting.

All that’s left are lessons to learn – precious, though holding them hurts.



Note: The Last Five Years is still showing until August 31, 2014.