Ilocos Adventure: Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation in the town of Burgos is our next stop for our Ilocos Norte Adventure.  Kapurpurawan came from the Ilokano (local Filipino dialect) word “puraw” meaning white.  The site is included in the Philippines Top 10 Gems according to

Posing by the rock

Travel tips: Best to wear your rubber shoes and shades, prepare for a long walk.  Go there in the morning, and bring your jacket too. Wind from the beach is cold even on a summer. Tag along some friends and don’t forget your camera!

Kapurpurawan White Rock formation appealed to my western dreams of going to the grand canyons. I was awed with the sceneries that welcomed my eyes when I visited the place in Ilocos Norte.  If the treck to Kaibigan falls (check our previous blog post) gave you a glimpse of the Hacienda life, trailing Kapurpurawan will make you feel like a cowboy –  seeing horses around, various rock formations and the sand from the nearby beach.


I captured some pictures from my IPhone and posted a video on my facebook page.  Enjoy and send us a message if you’re visiting Ilocos Norte, Philippines soon!!

Ilocos Norte Adventure: Kaibigan Falls

Kaibigan Falls

Kaibigan Falls is a must visit destination you shouldn’t miss in Ilocos Norte!

From the beaches of Pagudpud, we took a 15 minute tricycle ride to start trecking the falls.  We thought that it wouldn’t be a long hike, so most of my friends including myself was not properly attired.  I thought we can be in our swimsuits and slippers to get ready to swim,  but it turned out we had to walk 30 minutes to reach to the falls.

Pagudpud at last!

Trecking to Kaibigan Falls

On our way to Kaibiga Falls

Stop Over

The view around us was AWESOME.. from the green fields, the streams, the trees, to the sky.  The path was just like the sceneries I see in the movies with hacienda settings.  Local residents sell snacks and drinks along the way, be sure to stock up when you pass by one because you would need energy for the hike.

Kaibigan Falls

We did not feel tired at all, and the long walk was WORTH IT when we reached the falls. The cool water was waiting for us to dive in it!  The area was also private and was exclusive for us when we arrived.

Yesm we took photos of us in our bikinis here.  But I’d rather not post them for now :3


After taking a dip, we took a carabao ride back home.

Kaibigan Falls_Going Home

Carabao Ride Home

Directions to Kaibigan Falls, Ilocos Norte

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Ilocos Adventure: Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte

When my friend Berline invited me to visit her hometown in Ilocos Norte, Bangui windmills was the top of mind among the many places I wanted to visit.  Seeing them from the internet photos remind me of Norway, and I wanted to see what we have here in the Philippines.

Bangui has the first power generating windmill farm in South East Asia,  Currently, there are 24 windmills stretched along the beaches standing as high as a 15-story building each.

Bangui Windmills 2

Even while on the road, I can see the windmills from afar and I get so excited every time we come closer to where it is stood.  My friends who are boarded the same van with me have the same feeling.

Entrance to where the Bangui windmills are situated is free.  I also heard that they are planting for more to make it in time for May this year.  Send us a message if you’ve been to the place and agree if you felt the same terrific feeling being there!

Bangui Windmills 3


About Bangui, Ilocos Norte

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Bangui Windmills on YouTube


Herencia Restaurant, Ilocos Norte

Thank you for following my blog posts about Ilocos Norte, Philippines!

After visiting the Sand Dunes of Paoay, and stopping to grab The Sister’s Royal Bibingka, we are visiting Herencia Restaurant to taste some Ilokano food. Note to foreign readers: The locals of Ilocos Norte are called “Ilokano”

herencia full

Herencia Restaurant  is a few steps away from the famous Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte (watch out for our next post!).  My friends and I went to the restaurant to park and ordered lunch first before we went to see the church.  This way, we saved time and got to do our other itineraries for the day including shopping for pasalubong.  There are stalls beside Herencia Restaurant where you can buy some native delicacies and souvenirs such as handicrafts and t-shirts.

herencia restaurant

Your Herencia Restaurant experience will not be complete without ordering their best sellers.  Hence, we tried pinakbet pizza (upper left photo), bagnet (upper right), pork sinigang and poque-poque (Ilocos version of ensaladang talong, bottom photo).  All of these tastes good and can satisfy a traveller’s hunger.


The ambiance inside the restaurant is accommodating and vintage.  There are native delicacies which you can buy as pasalubong, too.  We suggest that you make an early reservation before going toHerencia Restaurant weekends because tourists are lined up in the place especially during summer.

Click here for Herencia Cafe Menu

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Ilocos Norte: The Sister’s Royal Bibingka

Ilocos Rice Cake

The Sisters Royal Bibingka (rice cake) is an alternative pasalubong you can bring home aside from the most requested Bagnet and Longganisa from Ilocos.

Different from your usual Christmas bibingka, The Sisters Royal Bibingka tastes more like a cassava ( a Filipino sticky rice cake).  It’s easy to carry in boxes of six and twelve as pasalubong (take home gift) for your friends.



Ask your bus drivers to take you to their store as pit stop in Ilocos or call (077) 632-4820 for advance bulk orders


Read the story of the sisters who started the bibingka business here