Uncle Cheffy, I love you!

Uncle Cheffy's Pizza 2

Uncle Cheffy won me over on our very first date!  I admit that I see the restaurant a lot whenever I dine at the SM Megamall Atrium, but I was only convinced to check it out when my sister and I craved for something Italian plus desserts. I should have met him sooner!! :3

Okay, maybe it’s too early to confess my love but after my June food adventure with my sister at Uncle Cheffy Restaurant, I went there two weeks ago at their Centris branch and found myself head over heels again.  Let me share with you why.

Uncle Cheffy's Pizza

East Meets West Brick Oven Panizza with parmaham, kesong puti, salami, salted eggs, mangoes and 3 cheese at P125 junior size, P250 medium size and P450 family size.

This Uncle Cheffy Favorites panizza has oven dried tomatoes, mushroom garlic anchovy, chill flakes, basil and 3 cheese. Prices at P120, P200 and P395.

This Uncle Cheffy Favorites panizza has oven dried tomatoes, mushroom garlic anchovy, chill flakes, basil and 3 cheese. Prices at P120, P200 and P395.


I’m a fan of most food with white sauce, and I was thrilled when some of their panizza’s were topped with it.  Their East Meets West and Uncle Cheffy Favorites are my most loved panizza’s to date!  The thin crust for me is perfect.  The serving is also generous and it tastes so good that I can eat the entire junior-sized serving by myself.  The lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts served with the it are so fresh, too.

Uncle Cheffy Spaghetti Alejandro is a Spanish inspired pasta with tomato sauce, smoked chorizo, pimientos, and Edam cheese. Only P130 for junior size and P220 for medium.

Uncle Cheffy Spaghetti Alejandro is a Spanish inspired pasta with tomato sauce, smoked chorizo, pimientos, and Edam cheese. Only P130 for junior size and P220 for medium.


After the panizza, I tried one of their specialties in tomato sauce this time.  Uncle Cheffy’s Spaghetti Alejandro has that distinct taste which I think men would love.  Oh, what’s with men and their taste buds you may ask? Well I notice that most guys usually have cravings for a mixed flavor of spicy and herby.  I’m used to sweeter versions of pastas but I liked Alejandro, too! It’s flavorful and surprisingly filling.

Chocolate Roulade stuffed with mango yogurt at P150

Treat yourself with a Chocolate Roulade stuffed with mango yogurt at P150

Tempting Cheffy Cheese Cake at P150

Tempting Cheffy Cheese Cake, served only at P150


If you’ll visit the restaurant in Megamall, Uncle Cheffy has a display of their pastries and desserts so you wouldn’t miss to order one to cap of your meals. Now my sister and I had a fight whether to take the Chocolate Roulade or the Cheffy Cheesecake, so we ordered both. These two were a feast for our palate!  We almost wanted to take these home for our mom and brother to taste.

Click here for Uncle Cheffy Restaurant Menu

Aside from the great variety of food, I really like the warm ambience of Uncle Cheffy Restaurant. I couldn’t believe that a medium panizza and two desserts good for me and my sister costed only 500 pesos, too. I’ll definitely come back.  So see you again soon, Uncle Cheffy!

Kapuluan Vista Resort Pagudpud

Kapuluan Vista Resort and Restaurant made our stay in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte more fun and cozy.  Here are Top 5 things I loved most about the resort:

1) The organic food served fresh from their garden

You should know by now that I’m a salad eater, and I enjoyed a bowl of garden salad for two from Kapuluan’s resto for about 150 pesos.  It takes a while to prepare the dishes, but they’re really delicious and tastes fresh.

2) The intimate interior of the rooms

Oops.. sorry, I failed to take photos of the rooms but you can check their website here.  We stayed in their deluxe room with loft for 6 people at about P5,850 per night.  The room was very cozy, painted with white, glass door-window was draped with dirty white canvass curtain.

3) The frozen margharita served as welcome drinks

Mmm you have to try a sip!  They even serve these house specialy at a promo price during cocktail hours.


4) To infinity and beyond!

Of course it is nice to dip in their infinity pool, too.  


5) and last, the view of the beach.. :)

The beach is just a two- minute walk from your resort. Local tricycle drivers can also take you to nearby travel destinations in Pagudpud.

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Random Acts of Kindness

About Love

Sometimes being in a fast-paced environment changes our being from relational to mechanical. We are trained to be productive as professionals and the way we are measured is by the yardstick of our performance – how much we earn and how much money we make.

When daily life loses its meaning, I’ve come to realize that one thing that can help bring back “life” is when we do random acts of kindness. The feeling of extending yourself for someone – may it be a stranger, or a special person, is incomparable.

One Thursday night I left work at around 9pm and walked to the street where I usually struggle to catch a jeepney or a cab. Evenings like this will take me 30-45 minutes to take a ride, unless I walk 5 blocks away where it’s easier to get transportation. I would usually prefer to take a long walk, but working overtime somehow consumed my energy and urges me to wait than take a smarter route. If your office is in Makati city, you probably understand what I mean.

While waiting for a ride, an old lady slowly crossing the street got my attention. I would expect her to be around 70 years old, she was thin and was carrying a big “bayong” (native bag). I recognized her face as one amongst those like me who have been waiving at jeepneys and cabs hoping for an available seat. I heard the traffic enforcer asked her where she’s going and if she likes to be assisted, but the lady refused and kept walking.

I followed the old lady, also because I felt concerned that she would never get a ride by herself. Unlike the traffic enforcer, I was surprised she talked to me and did not ignore my questions. She is from Lucena city, but stays in Libertad and travels in the Makati City Business District twice a week. She did not tell me the reason, but she said she would usually wait an hour or two until she can ride a jeep home.

It’s amazing how concern for others pushes you to move swiftly to reach your goal. I left the old lady sitting on a building staircase along Arnaiz so I could walk to Landmark and get a cab for the two of us. I asked her to wait and promised to come back. I walked the fastest that I could and was successful to catch a vacant taxi in less than ten minutes. The taxi driver agreed that we pick up lola (Filipino word for granny) before we go to our destination.

Good thing the traffic light turned red when we were approaching the building where I left lola sitting on the stairs. I stepped out of the cab, excited to take the old lady in with me and share the news that we can finally get a ride home.

But lola disappeared from the spot where I left her. I looked around then went back to the taxi, concerned that the traffic light will soon turn green.

“Baka nakasakay na siya” (Maybe she was able to take a ride home), Manong Driver encouraged me to be optimistic. I had mixed feelings that moment. Didn’t she trust that I would come back? I was a bit disappointed but did not feel like my energy was a waste.

I sighed, then breathed in again. Smiled, and thanked God. Because that moment, I felt alive.


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Memories – My Easter Post

Our life is made up of memories.  And I’m determined to create inspiring, happy ones. (Like starting this drawing)

Our life is made up of memories. And I’m determined to create inspiring, happy ones. 

Five days of staying with my family this holy week seems not enough.  We didn’t spend vacation outdoors, went to the beach nor attend family reunions.  I just stayed at home with them, yet simply being with Aki, Joey and my Nanay Rosal gave an unexplainable rest to my heart.  I felt at home.

**I appreciate the little things they do that make me feel loved.**

My mom’s home cooked meals are incomparable.  She prepared the curtains and bed covers I’ll be bringing back to Makati.  And she didn’t forget my box of home-made malunggay tea. Her words of wisdom are encouraging to hear. Her touch and hugs strengthens my soul.

Like my Nanay Rosal’s ministry for the youth on facebook

My sister is sewing a dress for me, which I have been trying to fit for the past days.  I’m excited how it will turn out.  She bought doughnuts for the family, and offered to make me a cup of tea for breakfast.  She’s asked to try a new make-up palette on me later, which I look forward too.

Visit my sister Aki’s online shop for cosplay accessories

She has a wordpress blog, too!

My brother downloaded videos from the internet that we can watch.  He selected those which he thinks I would love, and he sure does know my taste!  I feel his care when he brings me a glass of water, and every time he fixes my internet connection.  I am blessed whenever he feels happy with the things we buy for him  – like the new pair of contact lenses and shades which he liked.  By the way, he let me borrow his markers so I could draw the featured photo above.

Check out my brother Joey’s blog

All these have made me feel the Lord’s love more.  Makes me feel Jesus is indeed alive today, and still reaching out to my heart.

We often reflect on the great things Jesus did for us, but our act of thanksgiving need not be a great sacrifice.  He wants us to remember the small things too, because these deeds have also led to big changes in people’s lives.

  Happy Easter!

Bantay Abot Cave, Ilocos Norte

Bantay Abot Cave

There’s a cave in Ilocos Norte, Philippines not known by many tourists but is still worth including in your travel itinerary.  If you would happen to be  in Pagudpud, ask the local tricycle drivers to take you Bantay Abot Cave around 5 minutes from the beach.  There are stairs from the bridge going down to the cave.  A local guide will collect twenty pesos for the entrance.

It should be down this bridge somewhere...

It should be down this bridge somewhere…

Just look for the sign! :)

Just look for the sign! :)

Trivia: “Bantay” is a local term for mountain, and “abot” means hole.

You can plan photo shoots here and bring your camera, or choose to visit this spot early morning for meditation.

You can go here with friends..

You can go here with friends..

or by yourself to enjoy the view :3

or by yourself to enjoy the view :3

Directions to Bantay Abot Cave

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