Flaring Felicity

As lights flare and bursts in excitement so does the character of a man be a fascinating sight to see.  No, not the talent that we often boast to the world but the inner spirit – able to inspire and illuminate.

Felicity, a profound happiness brought about by contentment and freedom; it is an attitude and state of mind people should opt to master.  Seek inspiration until you find yourself surrendering fully. Then share, until people engulfed with your joys would learn to experience it themselves.

This blog is a compilation of my passion and pursuits in life –  Love for my family and friends; inspiration from various readings, personal reflection and experiences; Food, and my quest to become good in cooking; and various events, most of which I’m involved with for my daytime job.

I am hoping that my readers would find the same excitement, thrill and felicity which I find thru revelling in simple daily pleasures.  There are random posts on poetry and short stories here, too.  I guess this is just who I am as an events person- wanting to have many things happening at the same time.

Thanks for visiting.  Your comments are most welcome!


A LAMP, soaked with too much oil and flaring brightly, boasted that it gave more light than the sun. Then a sudden puff of wind arose, and the Lamp was immediately extinguished. Its owner lit it again, and said: ‘Boast no more, but henceforth be content to give thy light in silence. Know that not even the stars need to be relit’ – Aesop Fable 

Awesome Cosplays from Cosplay Mania 2014

Cosplay Mania is the biggest gathering of cosplayers in the country.  This year, the organizers held the convention last October 5 and 6 at SMX Convention Center.  I arrived around 3pm on the first day with my awesome siblings who came to the event as Tharja and Gaius of Fire Emblem Awakening.  As expected the venue was packed with participants of different ages.

Flaring Felicity’s usual convention tradition is to go around and spot remarkable cosplayers who came to the event.  So take a look at some photos we captured.  If you happened to be one of the cosplayers on the photos here, feel free to send us a comment and a proof of your identity.  You will get a free GC from our partner Friendly Panda Creation.  

Cosplayer Photos – Portrait

Cosplayer Photos – Landscape

The day won’t be as fun without my two siblings coming with me to the event. They’re amazing and I love them both :3 They have their own awesome blogs too: visit threesmittenkittens.com (Aki’s blog) and tactitianjenro.blogspot.com (Joey’s blog).

My brother Joey and Sister Aki.  Aren't they cute?

My brother Joey and Sister Aki. Aren’t they cute?


By the way, the next cosplay on our calendar is Toycon 2014 on December.  You’ll catch me there as Yuna, and of course Aki and Joey will be with me. ;) See you Flaring Feliciters!

Bloggers’ Event Philippines: Laguna Blogging Summit

Laguna Blogging S

Laguna Blogging Summit is scheduled on October 3, 2014 at the Malayan College Auditorium in Cabuyao, Laguna.  This is the third summit set to empower bloggers with a roster of social influencers as speakers:Pocholo Gonzales (Creative Voices), Boris Joaquin (Saddleback church), Janette Toral (Digital Filipino), Grace Nicolas (Empowered Grace), Art Samaniego (Manila Bulletin), Rod Magaru (The Rod Magaru show) and Lloyd Luna (Motivational Speaker).

Registration is only P200 visit Filipino Bloggers Worldwide’s website or email gracenicolas@yahoo.com

XOXO See you at the event! XOXO – Jonah Chipeco

Dekada Glorietta: Filipino Food Trip

Dekada in Glorietta 3 is a must visit place if you’d like to celebrate Filipino cuisine with your friends and family.  I was invited to dine at the restaurant for the first time last week and had a good experience.

First thing I noticed was the interior of the restaurant which seemed like a mini-museum.  There are various memorabilia which you can take a look while waiting for your meal to be served.

Now let’s go to what you were looking forward to see: Filipino food!  Dekada, is the Filipino translation of decade – and presents traditional Pinoy dishes at its best.

Most of us in the group ordered refreshing dalandan and watermelon juice (named Cardinal Sin on the menu) while waiting for food to be served.  Soon after, a surprising platter of Filipino favorite dishes was served before us by friendly Dekada waiters. By the way, I noticed their name tags has nationalistic Filipino names on it, too (i.e. Ibarra, Makisig) .

Refreshing fruit juices served in jars!

Refreshing fruit juices served in jars!

Magtagumpay platter: all your favorite dishes for sharing!

Magtagumpay platter has all your favorite dishes for sharing!

Dekada’s Magtagumpay platter serves all time Filipino favorites: kare-kare, talong at bagoong with kangkong, hipon, krispy pata, lechon manok, daing na bangus at sinangag.  The platter is good for 6-8 persons and priced Php2,199 on the menu.

P.S. “Magtagumpay” is one of the passwords used by the Magdalo revolutionaries during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines.  It was a secret word then, but this platter deserves to be out in the open. Try it! At pwedeng magkamay!

Last served by Dekada, but not missed out by sweet-lovers like me – DESSERTS!  Pichi pichi and halo halo everyone! XD

 Mabuhay ang pagkaing Pinoy!  (Long live Filipino Food)


Nomnom Club

Thank you Dekada Glorietta, and my new friends from nomnomclub.com for sharing this food adventure with me.  More to come! – Jonah Chipeco

Kawaii in Manila 2: Event Photos

Kawaii in Manila 2, the first Kawaii convention in the Philippines was a blast!  Were you also part of this event?   Raise your hand if yes;  I must say me and my sister were one of the many Japanese culture enthusiasts here in the Philippines so we got our attendance checked!

Kawaii in Manila is the second event organized by Kawaii Philippines, a movement that promotes kawaii culture. Kawaii in Japanese means cute; but more than the expression it has now evolved into a lifestyle.

Anime, art, J-fashion, make-up, music and food were all in one place that day.  The convention was held at White Space Manila last September 6, 2014.  If you weren’t able to come at the Kawaii in Manila 2, let me give you a quick recap and tour through the photos we got at the event.

We went straight to the stage area when we got our tickets around 3pm.  A lolita fashion show awaits us.  Earlier that day there were also various J-fashion outfits on the runway. Even if we missed part of the show, we still got a closer look since girls in lolita outfits are still strolling around the venue.

What caught my attention though are these cute couples in their J-rock and mori outfits. Made me wish I can go to an event like this in costume with le boyfie :3 hehehe I’m single now so let’s move on and get over with the idea..

Going to Kawaii Manila had been fun not just for lolita fans, or couples but friends who are into cosplay.  Just outside the venue, we met this group and my sister arranged a mini photoshoot for them.  And who else would be behind the camera but me! But yes I plan to be in front of the camera more often.

There are also merchandise booths, polymer clay workshop, art exhibit and more!

The hightlight of the day for me was my bonding with my sister Aki. (She is the epitome of kawaii!)  I’m such a fan of her and should thank her for inviting me out to the event. Visit her blog threesmittenkittens.com.   I’ll come with her in my lolita dress next year!


XOXO Jonah Chipeco

Hershel Supply Co: Well Travelled Launch in Manila

Herschel's well traveled launch invite

Herschel Supply Co unveiled their Well Travelled global campaign in the Philippines and showcased their Fall Collection for 2014 last August 29, 2014 in Makati City.

I’m grateful to have witnessed the event as representative of Habitat for Humanity Philippines, an NGO assisted by Herschel through their recent Typhoon Haiyan relief backpacks.   This initiative helps the ongoing rebuilding homes in the Visayas.  Thanks again to the charming and hardworking Janelle De Leon for the support (and the event invite) ;) XD

Herschel Well Travelled Manila 15

Herschel Supply Co Well Travelled launch in Manila was graced by no other than Primer Group’s Managing Director Mark Chim, Herschel’s Product Manager Michelle Gault, Primer Group’s Vice President Paul Sy, and Herschel’s Co-Founder Jamie Cormack.   Herschel Supply Co in the Philippines is under Primer Group of Companies.

We  were welcomed by a giant puzzle game which was a sure hit during the event! A pouch with three puzzle pieces were given to each guest.  You will receive a Herschel bag as prize if your piece falls on the part of the puzzle board with a logo :D

There were cocktails and canapes for us to enjoy, and of course I wouldn’t miss tasting the coffee rum from Yardstick ! ;)  The venue, for me, was perfect for the event.  I became interested when I learned that they have workshops about coffee making, too.  By the way, the iced coffe rum on the photo was mine!

Herschel Well Travelled Manila 14

“Herschel bags are about telling a story”, I remember these words from Jamie and Michelle during the night.  This photo montage proves the claim, and pretty much explains what the #WellTravelled campaign is about.

The stars of the night, of course, are the 2014 Fall Collection from Herschel Supply Co. Which one of these do you like?

Click here to know where to get these Herschel bags in the Philippines.

Congratulations to the event organizers ;)